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In the section "Discover Reggio Calabria", under the heading "How to arrive", you will find detailed information on how to reach the city by plane, car, train and ship with all the contact details for the relative companies and links to their websites. 
The information regarding means of transport available in Reggio Calabria are instead detailed under  "how to move around" in the section entitled "Hospitality".

In the section "Discover Reggio Calabria" you can find all the information you may require: history, location, traditions, art & culture, environment & nature and a series of itineraries to help you enjoy your visit to Reggio.
In addition, in the section "Multimedia" you can admire a photo gallery, splendid videos and have a fascinating virtual tour around the city.

In the section "Hospitality", under the title "where to stay" you will find a complete archive of all the places to stay in the city.
An ample choice divided by category:
Hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast, rural farmhouses, tourist village resorts etc.
Each information sheet, regarding each individual structure, is complete with name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, links to its website and a list of services available.

Inside the section "Multimedia", under the subheading "brochure", you can see and download in pdf format tourist material published by the city of Reggio Calabria.
For any other requests and or needs, do not hesitate to contact the "editorial team" completing the "request information" form.

The virtual tourist guide can be used directly using the relative box on the homepage and clicking the "play" button.
You can also enter the virtual tourist guide through the subheading found in the "Multimedia" section.

Yes, the archive of events, visible also in single detailed sheets, is available inside the section "Events" under the subheading "Calendar of Events".
Every event is findable through the search engine by type, date and text.
In the same section there is also a map of events: a map of the city on which you can find the locations at which, in the current period,  particular events are organized.
To enable easier consultation, both of the events calendar and the map, are available directly from the homepage.

To receive the newsletter from the tourism portal of the city of Reggio Calabria you need to register yourself, completing the form with your name, surname and e-mail address.

To visit the portal in one of the five languages available (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German)  you simply need to click on the flag positioned on the top right of the homepage.
All the information and the contents of the portal are the same regardless of the language chosen for your visit thanks to the translations made for each multilingual version.

No.  You can however consult another Reggio Calabria Council website version: where it is  possible to book weekly tourist packages also with air connections from the principle European capitals.
In addition to which in the section "Services" in the Tourism Portal, under the subheading "Tourist Services" you can find all the necessary information to contact directly tour operators (travel agencies, professionals in the travel industry, organizers, associations etc), with which you can book holidays or tourist packages in the city of Reggio.

The portal was created in 2009 and it is updated in a progressive manner.  The information is published by the Council administrative team, who do not take responsibility for eventual damage or incorrect information obtained by users consulting external websites through links published on the portal.
Further information can be found under the heading " Editorial", or can be requested through the form "Request Information".

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