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The Sanctuary of San Paolo alla Rotonda

The sanctuary of San Paolo, also known as the church of San Paolo alla Rotonda, is found in via Reggio Campi next to piazza Rotonda, in a position which dominates the southern part of the city.
The building was built in 1932 and has its origins in the visit made by San Paolo to Reggio.
The front of the building is in romantic style with three monumental entrances decorated with bas-relief:
- The central entrance by Tommaso Gismondi represents the life of San Paolo.
- The right hand door by Nunzio Bibbò shows the “door of badness”.
- The left hand door , also by Nunzio Bibbò shows the “door of goodness”

On the upper part we can see nine niches divided into three groups which house mosaics which show:
- On the left niche : Virgil, Cicerone, Seneca
- On the centre niche : San Luca, San Giovanni Crisostomo, Sant’Agostino, San Paolo
- On the lower centre niche: Giulio Cesare, Alessandro Magno
- On the right niche: Aristotle, Plato, Socrates

On the sacred ground in front of the entrance we can see a statue of San Paolo by A. Berti.
The inside houses 500 meters of mosaics which in part are by Nunzio Bava.
On the central columns of the nave we can observe moments from the life of Christ and 36 figures of patriarchs.
On the balustrades there are four angels:
The angel of mystery, the angel of flames, the angel of meditation and the angel of the announcement. In the apse we can see Jesus seated on a throne with San Paolo, Santo Stefano da Nicea and the angels beside them. The baptism font is by Nicola Berti and he is also responsible for the two angels and the four panels dedicated to San Paolo.
Adjacent to the sanctuary there is the museum San Paolo, with an art gallery and a vast collection of sacred artifacts.

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