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Celebrating of the Madonna della Consolazione

The sacred effigy of the VirginThe sacred effigy of the Virgin, painted in 1547 and kept in the church of the Eremo, is carried in procession through the town every second Saturday in September. Tradition has it that the painting, found by a peasant while working on the hill of the Eremo, was brought to the Cathedral only to reappear immediately afterwards on the hill where it was found. This miracle was interpreted by believers as a sign from the Madonna requesting them to build a church on that very spot, to which they complied. The festival is felt deeply by the people of Reggio and has specific significance and rituals for both young and old, many of whom come on pilgrimage from all over the province.  On the eve of the festival the townspeople gather on the hill of the Eremo and throughout the night they pray, sing and dance, watching over the holy effigy which is transported next morning in procession by bearers on a solid silver “vara” (platform) along Via Cardinale Portanova, Via De Nava and Corso Garibaldi.
In November the painting follows the same route back to the Sanctuary of the Eremo. The “pagan” aspect of the town festival is represented by characteristic stalls selling sweets and handicrafts. Only on this occasion is it possible to taste “inzuddhi”, small cakes of Greek origin made from flour and honey.

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