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Corigliano Palace

Palazzo CoriglianoThe building, location of an elegant store, occupies the central part of the block that faces Corso Garibaldi on one side and Corso Vittorio Emanuele III on the other along with the following roads; S.Paolo and XXIV Maggio. Designed by the engineer Cesare Prato in 1921, work was finished in 1925.  At the end of the 1970s the building suffered damage by fire but a recent restoration has brought us again a building that is worthy to be noted in its  liberty style

The design is laid-out on two levels with a rectangular floor plan, and an internal stairway which leads to the upper level. On the ground floor level there are three ample windows while on the upper level there are the same number of openings in artistic wrought ironwork with a balcony characterised by ironwork and a handrail with floral motifs in liberty style that are repeated on lanterns with side arms on their openings.

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