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Pellicano Palace

Palazzo PellicanoThe building, both a private residence and offices, takes its name from the owner Luciano Pellicano and occupies the corner of the block which faces Corso Vittorio Emanuele III and via Tommaso Gulli. The design was presented in 1922 by the architect Pietro Borradori. The facades are characterized by classical style but with floral decorative elements in liberty style.

The architectural layout comprises of a basement level and two upper floors all in a rectangular form, which surrounds a courtyard with staircase and twin entrances which serve both areas of the building separately. The external prospective is of a long basement with windows followed by a ground floor with arched windows between rectangular columns in bas – relief and the main entrance onto Corso Vittorio Emanuele III off-centre with a gate in liberty style wrought iron finished with triangular tympana. On the upper floor the openings are also arched with ridged column surrounds and are completed by balconies supported by shelves with handrails in artistic wrought iron.  A characteristic solution for the ground floor sees curved corners with three part windows with columns and on the upper level the same solution but with the addition of the balcony. The final finishes are achieved with cornices and linear balustrades in line with the architectural elements seen in the ridged columns below.

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