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Zani - Spadaro Palace

Palazzo Zani SpadaroThis building, a private residence, occupies the corner between two roads: via Aschenez and via Giulia. The design was made by engineer Gino Zani even though the documents are signed by engineer Pietro Spinelli. This building represents one of the most characteristic examples of art nouveau and liberty style in the city. 

The architectural design is based on two levels with a square internal layout with double entrances and an internal staircase which serves the areas on both sides of the building.  On the ground floor we have a geometric basement area, in relief to compensate for the ground surface and the corners are reserved for the full arch entrances. In addition the three part windows sided with columns face via Giulia and the rest of the arched windows are rectangular and use wrought ironwork in liberty style. On the upper floor in line with the entrances we have balconies with balustrades sided with columns and twin or triple arched openings. The rest of the openings on the upper floor also feature balconies of the same style found on the corners. Along the whole facade we find richly decorated sashes with floral designs which develop into cornices and  gently slope into linear balustrades with which they terminate.

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