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Diocese Museum Mons. Aurelio Sorrentino

The Diocese Museum, which depends on the Diocese of Reggio Calabria – Bova is still being created, even if its home is in a wing of the late 18th century Palazzo Arcivescovile (Archbishops Palace) which was re-built following the 1783 earthquake.
Even through the difficulties over the years, from the earthquake in 1908 to the numerous historical issues, the collection is presitigious and highly representative and includes: silver, many items of which have their origins in the workshops of Naples and Messina, a large number of lethugic textiles manufactured in Calabria, Sicily, Venice and France; a collection of paintings, currently housed in the reception rooms on the first floor of the Archbishop’s Palace; fragments of 18th century tablets from the altar of the ancient cathedral of Maria Santissima Assunta.
A large number of sacred silver items from the ancient Confraternity of Reggio, for example that of Santissimo Sacramento in Cattedrale, of Santi Crispino and Crispiniano in the church of the same name, Jesus and Maria and of Sant’Eligio in the church of Jesus and Maria, of the Immacolata in the church of Santissima Annunziata.
The Museum is housed in the same architectural complex which houses the Diocese library and the historical archive of the diocese.

Address: Via Tommaso Campanella, 63  

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