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Part of the city walls in the location called Trabocchetto

City walls found in TrabocchettoThe remains of city walls found in Trabocchetto were discovered by chance in 1980 during construction work.  Located in the position where the maximum altitude was reached (114m above sea level) they dominated the central area of the city and are confirmed to be the continuation of the walls already found in Collina degli Angeli as they are perfectly in line with these.

In this part we document the overlap of the two following phases of wall construction: the first (dating back to the end of the 5th century BC) in raw brick and the second (datable back to the mid 4th century BC) obtained by cutting the previous part of the wall, which then is partially re-used as filler for a double curtain of sandstone. You can still see the holes of the scaffolding used to heighten the walls and the foundations of the walls in sandstone.

The excavations have shown the presence of holes. In the bare block curtains, a usage in Roman times to repair construction materials; this explains the missing blocks at the extremities of the north east wall.  Also here, as in the part conserved in via Marina, some of the blocks of sandstone showed, at the moment of discovery, evident signs of quarry, which was later cancelled by erosion.

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