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Glossary ITALIAN/local dialect - ENGLISH
Glossary ENGLISH - ITALIANO/local dialect

An On-line Audio Dictionary of the most common Food and Wine in Reggio Calabria

Here you will find an on-line audio dictionary, which will help you translate titles of the most widespread food and wine in Reggio Calabria from Italian/Calabrian dialect into English.

This multimedia guide is an original tool aimed at meeting travelers’ communication needs in the areas of dining and delicatessen shopping.The guide is particularly useful to foreign tourists who have the opportunity to download the audio files from this websie and upload them to their MP3 players.

Moreover, within the perspective of the city’s tourism industry, the dictionary is a very useful teaching resource for HR training in the hospitality and tourist sector. Finally, restaurant owners are provided with a key tool that enables them to translate their menus and attract foreign toursits.

Enjoy your trip through the Calabrian Cuisine.

  Dictionary ITALIAN/local dialect - ENGLISH  File PDF

  Dictionary ENGLISH - ITALIANO/local dialect  File PDF


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