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Editorial office
The website is wholly managed by council staff. The updates are handled by the office "Civil net – Communication on-line". The base information actually available on the Tourist Portal of the Council of Reggio Calabria and is steadily increased and will be completed with services and an on-line archive.

The members of the TEAM:

Office Manager:
Sebastiano D’Agostino

Web Editors, web-page editors:
Elena Carere

Update section and tecnica assistance:
Giuseppe Romeo
Emilio Molina

Head Office:
Council of Reggio Calabria
Via S. Anna II° tr., 2 - Piazzale CE.DIR.
89100 – Reggio Calabria
Tel.: +39 0965 3622106
Fax.: +39 0965 3623810

e-mail Redazione :

General Notes:

All texts, sounds, photos, films, graphics and software present inside this site are protected under the law of authorship, on patents and those regarding intellectual property. The brands, brand names and the companies mentioned inside this website belong to their relative owners and can be protected by patents and / or copyright granted or registered by the relevant authority.

Use of the Website
In no case may the Council of Reggio Calabria be held responsible for any damage of any nature caused directly or indirectly by accessing the website, from the use of interactive instruments, from the inability or impossibility to access these, from the use of the news container within it.

Access to external websites
The Council of Reggio Calabria has no responsibility whatsoever for the external websites which can be connected to through the council website. The Council of Reggio Calabria is in no way responsible for the information obtained through external websites linked onto from the main site. Therefore the completeness and precision of the information presented in these are to be considered wholly the responsibility of the website owner and subject to the conditions they layout.

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