Estate Reggina 2019

Great events that speak to the region’s identity

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, all events are temporarily suspended.

It is a summer dedicated to the promotion of local excellence, while, at the same time, offering events of great international scope that are proposed by the city of Reggio Calabria A summer "mai così fre-esca" (“never before as cool”) is the slogan for the new summer season, which has a very rich program of events and initiatives in store. There is something for everyone in the summer program prepared by the municipal administration, which has worked in close synergy with various associations, tourism operators, the artistic sector, institutions, and citizens alike. The "Reggio LiveFest" program is one of the key events that will include concerts in July and August by high calibre artists such as Max Gazzè, Levante, Carle Brave, Alessandro Quarta, Queenmania and Katia Ricciarelli, just to name a few. The frame of excellence for these events will be in the evocative locations of the Area of the Strait and the Aragonese Castle. Moreover,Reggio has committed to gradually eliminating disposable plastic, an initiative that takes place in the context of the Reggio summer, made explicit with the word “free” contained in the program’s slogan. The Reggio summer is thus proposed as a transversal, multicultural container, in continuous evolution and open to all kinds of contamination. It is a vision that focuses on the attractiveness and promotion of the region according to the principles of the "glocal" strategy, meaning to think globally and act locally. Summer 2019 in Reggio Calabria is cool, free, and consequently "frisca". The Reggio Calabria summer calendar is constantly being updated and will be soon be followed by administrative presentations in support of pedestrian areas, actions to become plastic free and sustainable mobility.