International Jazz Festival

Rumori Mediterranei


The summer session of the 39th edition of the Roccella Jazz Festival opened on July 7th with a series of top-notch concerts and events. The next musical events will be held from the 12 to the 24th of August in the usual spots (the Castello Theatre, Auditorium, the former Minimi Convent, Palazzo Carafa, Porto delle Grazie, the Waterfront Lungomare Sisinio Zito and Largo Colonne Rita Levi Montalcini).


The August program will conclude with the second edition of the Roccella Jazz Campus, with a rich itinerary of master classes (held by the Festival’s best musicians), workshops, multimedia installations, seminars, and exhibitions. Approximately 148 musicians will be involved, 45 of them coming from abroad (the United States, Venezuela, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, China, England, Israel, Bosnia, Greece, Scotland, Belgium). More than half the concerts will be absolute firsts (8) and national premieres (4) for a total of 23 concerts.

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