Mappa di reggio CalabriaMappa di reggio Calabria

Welcome to Reggio

Sea and mountains at the tip of the Italian boot, in the heart of Magna Graecia.

light intensity shower rain

Si Missina ciangi, 'Riggiu no'riri.


If Messina cries, Reggio doesn't laugh. This alludes to the unfortunate eartquakes experienced by the two cities of the strait.

[gre-cà-ni-co] Proper name

The Greek-Calabrian or Greek dialect is the idiom spoken in the province of Reggio Calabria. It belongs to the Greek linguistic community of Italy.


“Testa del Filosofo” (the Head of the Philosopher) at the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria is an “encounter” you will not want to miss.

Fabio Cuzzola

Fabio Cuzzola

Teacher and Writer
The Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria – MArRC
The Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria – MArRCDiscovering Magna Graecia

King's city - Rhegion

Videoclip promoted by the municipality of Reggio Calabria with the participation of ANPI of Reggio Calabria.
Text and music: Francesca Prestia
Production: TSfilm
Direction: Federica Pontari.

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