How to arrive

Getting to Reggio Calabria is easy. You can reach the area is many ways: whether by car, ship, plane, or train, the important thing is that you arrive and take advantage of all the wonders of this land. Have a good trip!


By plane

8 kilometres from the town of Reggio, near the Ravagnese district, there is the Tito Minniti Strait airport. Alitalia, Blue Panorama, and Blue Air fly into here. The airport is connected to the city through the ATAM line services and can also be reached by train from the Reggio Calabria Airport Railway Station. Alternatively, you can fly into Lamezia Terma airport, 130 km away from Reggio Calabria. The airport is reachable thanks to the Starbus shuttles.


By car

Reggio Calabria and the surrounding area can be reached by car by taking the A2 motorway (Autostrada del Mediterraneo) if you are coming from the north, and the SS106 Jonica state road (Reggio Calabria-Taranto), if you are arriving from the south. This state road crosses 481 kilometres along the entire stretch of Puglia, Basilicata, and Calabria, and offers numerous junctions to reach different tourist locations without having to go through more crowded and busy streets, especially in the summer.


By train

Reggio Calabria can be reached by train via the Piazza Garibaldi train station, which is served by national trains. It is also possible to use regional trains to reach major tourist resorts from here. The train station is connected to the rest of the city thanks to ATAM public transport.


By ship

Reggio Calabria has a port with tourist accommodation facilities for leisure boats. From this port, ships and ferries leave for the Aeolian Islands and Messina every day during the summer period. Moreover, ships and ferries depart for the Aeolian Islands and nearby Messina, as well as for Malta, from the Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni ports.