The Metauros Museum

On the trail of ancient Gioia Tauro


Set up in the 18th century Palazzo Badari di Gioia Tauro, the museum offers an exciting journey through the history of Metauros, from its Greek origins, to the Roman era, up to the Medieval period.

Ornamental Terracotta Detail

A strategic bridge for ancient trade in the Mediterranean

The story of Metauros has its roots around the 7th century BC, when it was founded by the Calcidesi of Zancle, or the current Messina. The most important archaeological evidence refers to the great archaic necropolis in the Pietra district, which has produced many artefacts—most importantly, pottery and ancient amphorae—demonstrating the way in which the city has always been a crucial junction for trade in the Mediterranean.

From the Roman period to the Middle Ages.

The Roman settlement is verified by the funerary artefacts of blown glass and tableware vases, dating from the 2nd to 3rd century AD, while the Medieval period is evidenced by a collection of glazed ceramics from the remains of the so-called “Norman” square tower, and from a wall dating back to the 13th century, built to control the Piana delle Saline.




Opening days and hours


8.30am – 7pm


Saturday-Sunday only for groups by reservation

Metauros Museum

Via Roma, c/o Palazzo Baldari, 89013
Gioia Tauro


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