Castles and fortifications

The beating heart of the city.

The defence of a geography that was problematic in times of invasions, the Castles and Fortifications of Reggio Calabria are today the symbol of a city that is “fully-grown” thanks to its walls. Crossroads and mark of many cultures, with stunning views and venues – such as the Aragonese Castle or the Castle of the Amendolea – the Castles and the forts are today of great importance for tourism and the cultural growth of the Reggina population. Centuries of history, that portray a city in all its beauty: the castles still defend the inhabitants who live outside them.

Castle of Stilo

Protecting Stilo

Of Norman origin and with a breath-taking view, the Castello di Stilo (“Castle of Stilo”) is a fortress with all the trappings. Its purpose was to protect an already restless city in itself and all surrounding region from the various incursions that followed one another over the centuries. You can g [...]

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The Aragonese Castle

The Argonese Castle

Insieme ai Bronzi di Riace e al Museo Archeologico Nazionale , il Castello Aragonese è considerato uno degli emblemi della città . Nonostante venga definita “Aragonese”, la sua fondazione risale in realtà al periodo bizantino, tra il IX e l'XI secolo, quando Reggio divenne capoluogo del Thema della [...]

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The Calanna Castle

The Calanna Castle

In a strategic position between the slopes of Aspromonte and the Strait of Messina, the castle of Calanna dominates the entire Vallata del Gallico, in the southern part of the city. It is assumed that the castle stands on a pre-existing Byzantine fortress, although studies exist that attest to a hum [...]

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The Amendolea Castle

The Castle of Amendolea

Although almost everything has now been destroyed, the Castello dell’Amendolea (the “Amendolea Castle,”) also called Ruffo Di Amendolea, is one of the greatest Greek symbols of the province of Reggio Calabria. The victim of numerous saracenraids , complex restorations, and much more, the castle appe [...]

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Castle of Roccella Jonica

The elegance of the Roccella Ionica Castle

An impregnable fortress even by the Turks of Dragaut Pasha, the Castello di Roccella Jonica (“Castle of Roccella Jonica”), built by the Swabians in the 13th century, is one of the most important defence points in Calabria overlooking the sea. In 1700, it was restored by the Carafa family, thus becom [...]

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Fort Batteria Siacci

Fort Batteria Siacci

Fort Batteria Siacci is the most important constructions with respect to the permanent fortifications that defended the Strait. It was built in just four years (1884-88) and was used up until 1985.

This cultural heritage is included in a nature conservation area (Special Protection Zone Costa Vio [...]

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