Discovering Reggio’s heritage of traditional craftsmanship

Artisan knowledge and tradition are intrinsic elements of Calabrian culture and besides having great cultural significance they play a major role from the social viewpoint. Thanks to the quality of the products, an artisan’s work strengthens the ties with the land. In Calabria, craftsmanship has archaic roots and some of the traditional techniques are used to this day.

On both the Ionic side and the Tyrrhenian side (link costa tirrenica), on the slopes of the Aspromonte and on the Sila massif, you can easily come across an artisan workshop that continues to use the tools conceived centuries ago. From the wicker basket makers, “canestai” of Reggio Calabria, to the luthiers of Bisignano, the weavers and metal craftsmen of Stilo, and the celebrated ceramic masks of Seminara.

Seminara Ceramics

The Ceramics of Seminara

Among the towns valued by the world of pottery, Seminara stands out, where artisans produce symbolic shapes linked to popular traditions: from reproductions of the masks used in Greek theatre, to the grotesque ones used by the local population to keep the evil spirits away. The latter, still today, [...]

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