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The squares of Reggio Calabria

The meeting place for every encounter

The hub and witness of various historical events, the squares of Reggio, like the rest of the surrounding region, are rich in history and represent a great meeting place for all of Reggio’s inhabitants.
Piazza del Duomo, Piazza del Carmine, Piazza Italia, Piazza de Nava, the Arena dello Stretto: all gathering places that are part of this city’s DNA.

Piazza Del Carmine Reggio Calabria

Piazza del Carmine, a meeting place

The place’s ancient name was Largo San Filippo: here, there was a small church inside of which there was a painting of San Filippo d’Argirò, from which it most likely got its name. On the side of the Piazza that faces towards the Duomo, one of the four gates of the walls of Reggio Calabria, named Po [...]

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38.104371767575§15.641480237246§Piazza del Carmine, a meeting place
Piazza De Nava

Piazza De Nava

Piazza De Nava is named after the Reggio Minister of the Kingdom of Italy, Giuseppe De Nava, who promoted the reconstruction of Reggio Calabria after the 1908 earthquake. It is a gateway to the city's historic centre, featuring Corso Garibaldi and its magnificent frame for the main facade of t [...]

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38.114286100389§15.65148835§Piazza De Nava
Piazza Duomo Reggio Calabria

Piazza Duomo

The earthquake of 1908, together with the interventions outlined by the 1911 town Master Plan that rectified and squared crossings of 419 blocks across the city, determined the current layout of the square in an area shifted further south than the previous location. The old Cathedral, which was not [...]

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38.105828065627§15.641485601664§Piazza Duomo
Piazza Italia Reggio Calabria

Piazza Italia

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II is the square’s real name, but everyone in Reggio knows it as Piazza Italia due to the monument to Italy that stand in the centre and for 140 years has characterized its popular name. It is the most important square in Reggio Calabria, at the political-administrative hear [...]

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38.108826450689§15.64413245§Piazza Italia
The Arena of the Strait

The panorama of the Arena of the Strait

Built on the site where the harbour of Porto Salvo was once situated, which was destroyed by the earthquake of 1908, the Arena of the Strait is a modern theatre that is strongly inspired by the arenas of the ancient tradition of Magna Graecia. With a view of the Messina Strait and Lungomare Falcomat [...]

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38.111186570403§15.644896030426§The panorama of the Arena of the Strait
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