Cultural and Traditional Itineraries

The Calabrian spirit

In this region that is so varied, with mountains that go down to the sea between paths travelled for millennia, civilizations that have followed each other, leaving small and large legacies, culture, and tradition, play a very important role. The language, its uses, daily philosophy, spirituality, and cuisine, are the different expressions of a complex, intense, and yet to be discovered region. There are many possible itineraries, infinite points of view, and senses that could potentially be involved in the discovery of this genuine and profound soul of this part of Italy.

The Grecanico

The Grecanico

The Greek area or Bovesia, as the inhabitants of the area prefer to be called, is a Hellenistic region of the province of Reggio located on the Ioanian side. Numerous scholars from all over the world have studied the origins of this Greek society. To date, the most accredited thesis is that of the G [...]

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