Piazza Camagna, a place of art

A joy for liberty architecture


Embellished on the sides by ancient liberty buildings, among which Palazzo Manganaro stands out, the square closes at the bottom with an elegant staircase with a double semi-circular ramp that leads to the walkway that leads towards the upper part of the city centre. It often hosts shows and cultural initiatives.

Piazza Camagna

The statue dedicated to Camagna

Camagna Square is set on the mountainside of the central Corso Garibaldi Street and houses the bronze monument dedicated to the popular lawyer from Reggio Calabria, Biagio Camagna. The work, which rests on a double marble base, shows the dedicatory epigraph: “To Biagio Camagna: the People.” Exponent of the liberal party, Camagna was one of the undisputed political protagonists of the new kingdom of Italy, participating in as many as seven legislatures.


The square was originally called “Prato Square”; it was later renamed “Camagna Piazza” to welcome the sculptural work dedicated to the illustrious lawyer and politician with honours.

The statue’s movements

The Reggio Calabrian sculptor Domenico Pellegrino created the statue in 1924, immediately after the death of Camagna. It has changed locations several times. In 1968, it was placed in Castello Square in front of the Reggio court, and then returned to its original location in 2007 thanks to a popular petition signed by numerous cultural associations in the city.

Piazza Camagna

Piazza Biagio Camagna, 89100
Reggio di Calabria RC


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