The Diocesan Museum

Guardian and witness of sacred art


The Diocesan Museum of Reggio Calabria contains important historical and religious works and is located on the ground floor of the late 18th century wing of the Archbishop’s Palace, which was built on the ruins of an existing building next to the Cathedral at the end of the 16th century.

Museo Diocesano Reggio Calabria

An exhibition space capable of communicating all its sacred value

The narrative that guides the exhibition aims at telling the story of the evolution of religious life in the region, through the enhancement of its assets placed at the service of the Church’s mission. From this point of view, the intention is to return the memory of the exhibited work to its original function, bringing out the symbolic meanings and connections otherwise lost with the religious community to which it belonged, and the sacred space for which it was realized.

An installation designed to communicate the sacred, the beautiful, the old, and the new..

In the distinct thematic spaces, organized according to a precise chronological scan that also takes into account the different places of origin, one can admire, among other things: the Tesoro delle Cattedrali (“Treasures of the Cathedrals"), which highlights the evolution of the forms and sacred furnishing from the 16th to 20th centuries, the Vescovo Sponsus Ecclesiae (“Bishop Sponsus Ecclesiae”), which documents the liturgical meaning and artistic value some of the episcopal insignia through the display of pectoral crosses and rings dating from between the 15th and 20th centuries, the patrimony of furnishings and liturgical vestments belonging to the Reggio confraternities, and actual objects from the cult of saints.




Opening days and hours

From Tuesday to Saturday

9.00 - 13.00

Special openings for groups by reservation



Full: € 3,00

Reduced: € 2,00



Tel.(+39) 3387554386


FB: @museo.reggiocalabria

Museo Diocesano

Via Tommaso Campanella, 63, 89100
Reggio Calabria


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