The squares of Reggio Calabria

The meeting place for every encounter

The hub and witness of various historical events, the squares of Reggio, like the rest of the surrounding region, are rich in history and represent a great meeting place for all of Reggio’s inhabitants.
Piazza del Duomo, Piazza del Carmine, Piazza Italia, Piazza de Nava, the Arena dello Stretto: all gathering places that are part of this city’s DNA.

Federico Genoese Square

This is an intimate square full of shade, set in the heart of the historic centre like a hidden gem, between the Duomo and the waterfront, dedicated to the Marquis Federico Genoese.

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38.10676620168§15.641248226166§Federico Genoese Square

Garibaldi Square, between the north and south of the city

The square, an important focal point in the centre between the north and south of the city, has a rectangular structure and is one of the largest in Reggio. It is partly occupied by a public car park, with the Central Station on one side, and it also represents a focal point for the public transport [...]

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38.103167661537§15.636785030365§Garibaldi Square, between the north and south of the city

Independence Square

It is one of the most evocative central squares in the city due to its proximity to the Archaeological Museum and the Reggio Lido railway station. Moreover, it is often the site of concerts and shows of great cultural value that are held especially in the summer period (for example, the final concer [...]

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38.114553637651§15.650351643562§Independence Square

Liberty Square, then Mino Reitano Square

The square extends over a vast area that in ancient times marked the northern border of the city on the Annunziata stream. After being home to a large bus terminal for several years and then a parking lot, it has undergone redevelopment work, which has involved the construction of a roundabout with [...]

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38.121308407559§15.653696358204§Liberty Square, then Mino Reitano Square

Piazza Camagna, a place of art

Embellished on the sides by ancient liberty buildings, among which Palazzo Manganaro stands out, the square closes at the bottom with an elegant staircase with a double semi-circular ramp that leads to the walkway that leads towards the upper part of the city centre. It often hosts shows and cultura [...]

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38.107110217056§15.642903149128§Piazza Camagna, a place of art

Piazza del Carmine, a meeting place

The place’s ancient name was Largo San Filippo: here, there was a small church inside of which there was a painting of San Filippo d’Argirò, from which it most likely got its name. On the side of the Piazza that faces towards the Duomo, one of the four gates of the walls of Reggio Calabria, named Po [...]

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38.104371767575§15.641480237246§Piazza del Carmine, a meeting place
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