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The Churches and Monasteries of Reggio Calabria

An artistic, cultural, and religious heritage of inestimable value

The architectural and monumental heritage of Reggio Calabria is made up of many places of religious worship, built during the various historical periods that the city has passed through over the centuries. The places dedicated to spirituality in the municipal area include 67 churches, 8 sanctuaries, 26 oratories, with as many as 52 religious communities, a sign of the city’s diversification and lively multiculturalism.

The Santuario dell’Eremo

An look from above at the Sanctuary of Eremo

Santa Maria Madre della Consolazione all'Eremo is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Reggio Calabria. It is a sanctuary that stands on the city’s highest mountain in a place that is dear to the population of Reggio. The basilica is historically a place of pilgrimage, as well as the [...]

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The Chiesa degli Ottimati

An unmistakable red dome

The Chiesa degli Ottimati is located in the immediate vicinity of the Aragonese Castle and from the square of the same name, can be reached from Corso Garibaldi by foot in a matter of minutes. The Byzantine red dome is striking and is visible from many points in the city, rendering it unmistakable. [...]

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The Chiesa di San Paolo

A place of sacred beauty

The Chiesa di San Paolo alla Rotonda, or simply the Santuario di San Paolo, is one of the most important churches in Reggio Calabria. From the top of the hill where it stands, it dominates the southern part of the city, overlooking a marvellous panorama of the city. Built in 1932, the complex expand [...]

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The Cattolica of Stilo

Byzantine charm

The Stilo village is one of the most charming villages in Calabria. Located at the foot of Mount Consolino, to this day it preserves the typical styles influenced by the Byzantine and Norman settlements for which Stilo was an important centre. Famous for the beauty of its architecture, it has preser [...]

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Church of San Giorgio al Corso in Reggio Calabria

The church of San Giorgio al Corso

The Church of San Giorgio al Corso is in Corso Garibaldi, next to Via Giudecca and is dedicated to the Patron Saint of the city. It was consecrated in 1596. In the square next to the church (Piazza San Giorgio) stands the statue of the Guardian Angel that dates back to 1637 and represent [...]

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The Church of San Francesco in Gerace

The Gothic church of S. Francesco di Gerace

An important Gothic style building, the Church of San Francesco is located in Piazza delle Tre Chiese and is one of the symbols of the medieval town of the city of Gerace. Like the Cathedral, it is considered a national architectural heritage.

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