The Church of Jesus and Mary

A suspended church


Located in the heart of the historic city centre, the church of Jesus and Mary was rebuilt after the tragic earthquake of 1908 thanks to a project by the engineer Gino Zani in the same place where it had previously stood.

The architectural structure

The church presents itself to the visitor as accessible through the side stairs that lead to a hanging balcony. From here, the church unfolds onto three large naves that are rich in light. Inside, on the right aisle, the funeral monument dedicated to the Giuseppe Morisani, the famous Reggio citizen who in the 1700s dedicated his existence to art, music, and archaeology, should be mentioned.


The crypt preserves the so-called “varette,” plaster figures and papier-mâché from the Neapolitan school in the 1700s carried in procession along the city centre on Good Friday.

The works of artistic value

Of significant artistic interest is also the Via Crucis in finely chiselled bronze panels and the high altar panel, two angels supporting the throne and lecterns, all works by the Roman sculptor Ennio Tesei.

Chiesa di Gesù e Maria

Via del Torrione 101, 89127
Reggio Calabria RC


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