The architecture of Reggio

A priceless heritage

Despite the numerous earthquakes that have destroyed the city at different times, we can find architectural works of great interest, such as Palazzo Corrado Alvaro, rich in treasures, Villa Zerbi, Castello Aragonese and Teatro Cilea, just to name a few. During a walk along the streets of the historic city centre you will be able to admire these interesting buildings from an artistic, cultural, and architectural point of view

Palazzo Campanella

Palazzo Campanella

Palazzo Tommaso Campanella, or more frequently known as Palazzo Campanella, is the building that houses the Regional Council of Calabria. Dedicated to the Calabrian philosopher Tommaso Campanella, it is located north-east of the historic centre of the city of Reggio, on an area of approximately 23,0 [...]

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38.117183028793§15.659449696541§Palazzo Campanella
Palazzo San Giorgio Reggio Calabria

Palazzo San Giorgio

The building, which was originally located at the same site where the Communal Theatre now exists, is named after Saint George, the city’s patron together with the Patron Saint of Maria SS. Mother of Consolation. Destroyed following the earthquake in 1908, reconstruction began in 1918 and was comple [...]

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38.109204400643§15.64454775§Palazzo San Giorgio
Palazzo Corrado Alvaro

The Umbertine architecture of Palazzo Corrado Alvaro

Designed by Gaetano Spinelli and Camillo Autore in 1920, Palazzo Corrado Alvaro is a monument of specific historical and artistic significance, not only because of its magnificent Umbertine architecture, but also because it contains works of art that are of considerable interest.

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38.109051868559§15.643348395824§The Umbertine architecture of Palazzo Corrado Alvaro
Villa Zerbi Reggio Calabria

Villa Zerbi

Of noble and extraordinary beauty, thanks to its style that recalls forms and stylistic features of the Venetian Middle Ages with accents from the Renaissance and 19th century, Villa Genoese Zerbi represents the crown jewel of architecture in Reggio. It is located along Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, [...]

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38.110870339313§15.646160608158§Villa Zerbi
Palazzo Melissari-Musitano

When Neoclassical and Liberty styles meet

Built between 1912 and 1924, Palazzo Melissari-Musitano is one of the buildings in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, better known as Piazza Italia, along with the Province, the Prefecture, and the Town Hall.

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38.10902§15.64384§When Neoclassical and Liberty styles meet
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