Palazzo Campanella

The Calabrian Regional Council Headquarters


Palazzo Tommaso Campanella, or more frequently known as Palazzo Campanella, is the building that houses the Regional Council of Calabria. Dedicated to the Calabrian philosopher Tommaso Campanella, it is located north-east of the historic centre of the city of Reggio, on an area of approximately 23,000 m².

Palazzo del Consiglio regionale

The modern architecture of the building

The building has a particularly futuristic structure, earning the nickname “Spaceship” among the Reggio inhabitants. The construction consists of structures connected to each other by metal walkways; in the centre is a square, called in the dialect connected with the building “l’agorà”, on which stands the Chamber of the Regional Council.


Palazzo Campanella hosted the Riace Bronzes from 2009 to 2013, which, during their stay, underwent a careful conservative restoration.

The various rooms that compose it

The architectural complex, spread out over eight floors, consists of the Francesco Fortugno council hall in the heart of the building to receive advisers and the public, the Giuditta Levato and Nicholas Green conference room, the Commissions room that hosts council group and restricted committee meetings, the Federica Monteleone room that houses the degrees of the faculty of law, the Nicola Calipari auditorium and the vast library open to public consultation and where cultural events take place. The rooms have been enriched over time by numerous works of art, many of them by local artists.

Palazzo del Consiglio regionale

Via Quartiere Militare 28, 89124
Reggio Calabria RC


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