Lamb or kid? Better to have both.

The most prized ovine meat made its best in the oven.


In an economy like that of Reggio Calabria, in which pastoralism has traditionally played a leading role, sheep and goat meat, especially lamb and kid, never disappoint on Reggio Calabria tables and the recipes made from this meat are innumerable.

Baked lamp

Easter Traditions

Calabrian cuisine is strongly linked to religious and spiritual life. During the Easter period, the gastronomic specialities that enrich tables of this region are different, some closely linked to the Calabrian tradition, and others instead of a national or even international scope. Among the Easter recipes, you certainly cannot miss out on the baked lamb or kid, perhaps served with a side of roasted potatoes. Classic preparation requires that meat is left to soak in cold water for an hour before being cooked in lightly fried garlic, onion, and other spices, blended with white wine.


Lamb or kid can also be prepared in a “cake pan.” This technique requires that a crock pot be placed on a bed of embers with the meat inside and another layer of embers spread over the cover, letting it cook in a sort of open-air oven.

Not only at Easter

Lamb and kid are not only consumed during the Easter holidays. In fact, with the arrival of warm weather, it is good practice to cook lamb or kid chops on the barbeque with aromatic herbs and mustard sauce. Softs meats, which are rich in protein, iron, and vitamin B12, lamb and kid can be prepared and seasoned with garlic, rosemary, marjoram, and thyme, before being cooked on the grill.

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