Bathing in the Maesano waterfalls

Wild and unspoiled nature


The Amendolea waterfalls, also called Maesano, are located in the heart of Aspromonte and were originally called “U schiucciu da Spana”, the “waterfalls of Spana.” They are undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for tourists, nature lovers, and trekkers.

Maesano waterfalls

A spectacle of nature

The territory of Aspromonte is rich in waters and exciting waterfalls. The most desirable are precisely those of Maesano; the route to arrive there is impressive, breath-taking, and rather short, although it is difficult to walk due to landslides. Before reaching the waterfall, one crosses ridges of beech and pine trees, then being amazed by observing the force of the water that falls straight down. The falls are characterized by three jumps in tanks that the fury of the water has dug into the rock. In the summer, as a well-deserved prize for the road travelled, a swim in the last of three clear-water pools is a must.


The time to reach the falls, which is easier in the summer, is about 60 minutes, with one needing a little more time to go back.

The path to the falls

The path to follow is indicated by the special flags painted on the rocks, which are easily identifiable. From the dam of Menta begins a path that reaches the Amendolea valley. One needs to be a trekking expert, as some stretches have collapsed and need close attention. The view of the lake created by the dam on the Torrente Menta is also pleasant.

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