The hills and parks

Take a stroll to discover history

Like much of the Reggio territory, even the hills surrounding Reggio, such as the Collina di Pentimele, Matiniti and Arghillà, are rich in historical evidence, making it a privileged point of view from which to admire the city. In fact, the Umbertini Forts, featuring exceptional military engineering works dating back to the 19th century, can be found in this hilly area.


Important traces of history can also be found inside the Villa Comunale Umberto I, the green lung of the city of Reggio: walking among its avenues, we can find monuments and vestiges of the recent past (such as the beautiful neoclassical portal of Palazzo Vitrioli, which was destroyed by the 1908 earthquake) and the not so recent past (such as Via delle Colonne where authentic Roman columns are preserved).

Villa Comunale Umberto I
The hills and parks

Two steps in the Villa

The Villa comunale of Reggio Calabria is one of the green spaces that you can encounter in the city. It is rich not only in plants, but also in monuments. It extends for about one hectare in the historic centre between the Duomo and Corso Garibaldi, where its main entrance can be found.

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