Spirituality in the territory of Reggio

A mysticism with remote roots

The spirituality of the territory linked to the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria has it roots in the past centuries; since its foundation, the city’s people on the banks of the Straits have been tied to its destiny, hopes, and devotion to cults capable of favouring cohesion and strength throughout the community.
From the ancient Greek devotion to Apollo up to the Madonna of Consolation, Reggio families found in religion that element capable of confronting the difficulties that history placed before it. This is especially true of modern times, when Turkish invasions, rather than numerous earthquakes, subjected the city to tragic events that put the survival of the population at risk.
In this context, for example, the Marian cult of the Madonna of the Consolation, or Madonna dell’Eremo, was born. Despite being the patron saint of the city of San Giorgio, the most important religious moment in Reggio falls on the second Saturday of September, when the sacred effigy kept in the Eremo dei cappuccino, located on a hill in the upper part of the city, descends to reach the cathedral in the centre, accompanied by thousands of faithful followers.
The cult dates back to the 16th century, when in 1576 Reggio was hit by a devastating plague. On that historic occasion, the religious and civil authorities associated the end of the disease with the intercessions addressed to the painting exhibited in the convent and from that moment onwards the festival and its procession have continued, even during the World Wars and the Uprising of 1970. Many other religious festivals also take place in the individual districts during the year, specifically in the summer months, tied to the veneration of saints such as Sant’Antonio, San Francesco, or that of the popular Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is very much tied to the trades of the inhabitants of the district of the same name, such as railway workers and fishermen.


Staiti - The Byzantine Churches path

Along the Byzantine paths in Staiti

The Lyriks cultural association developed the project promoted by the Municipality of Staiti with the valuable support of the Ente Parco d’Aspromonte.

Under development since the summer of 2018, in a short time it has managed to attract the attention of the many tourists of the Ionian band of the [...]

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38.000257860531§16.032824992872§Along the Byzantine paths in Staiti
The cult of San Rocco in the Costa Viola

San Rocco, a saint for two communities

From France with charity and love

Born in Montpellier in the Middle Ages, Rocco trained at the university of his hometown. Orphaned, he decided to donate all his possessions to the poor and become a pilgrim. An Epigone and devoted followed of St. Francis of Assisi, he embarked on a long journey t [...]

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Procession of Madonna della Consolazione

The feast of Madonna della Consolazione

The events falls every second Saturday in September, during four consecutive days of celebrations and civil celebrations that culminate with the grand finale on Tuesday evening, when the entire Strait is lit by fireworks, set up on the waters off the Falcomatà promenade.

The sacred effi [...]

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The feast of Madonna di Polsi

The Festival of Madonna of the Mountain of Polsi

This spiritual path is travelled every year by thousands of faithful, beginning from the time of Magna Graecia. It is a magical, sublime place that looks much like a Olympus and is a sanctuary at the heart of the mountain, near the top of Aspromonte, Montalto, at two thousand metres high. For Corrad [...]

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38.164886016757§15.960149466991§The Festival of Madonna of the Mountain of Polsi
La Varia di Palmi

The Varia di Palmi Festival

The Varia di Palmi festival has always been one of the most famous and important Calabrian religious events. The last Sunday of August is celebrated on a multiannual basis, this year reaching its 30th edition, and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the patron saint of the city. It is designed [...]

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38.356560901335§15.847014426399§The Varia di Palmi Festival
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