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The soul of Reggio in all its forms

Reggio Calabria is a city rich in history. Its foundation dates back to 734 BC by the Greek Chalcidian. Since then, the city has always been resurrected on the same site, even after the disastrous earthquake of 1908 that utterly destroyed it. However, it was following this event that the vestiges of classical Reggio and of its rich history emerged. From there, the foundation of the Magna Grecia Museum soon after contributed to the culture and beauty of the Reggio area. Today, Reggio is a cultural city and not only thanks to its museum, but also the Pinacoteca Civica ("Civic Art Gallery"), the Castello Argonese (“Argonese Castle”), the Teatro Comunale (“Community Theatre”) and the Museo del Bergamotto (“Bergamot Museum”).



Religious architecture
Cultural events per year
Fata Morgana Strait of Messina

The eternal illusion of Fata Morgana

There was a time, on the banks of the Strait, where Reggio and Messina were the faces of a single great territory, a space that is no longer separated from the sea, but held together by indefinite and unattainable borders. From a distant time, handed down by literature and folk tales that still live [...]

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Rovaglioso - Porto Oreste

The myth of Oreste and Metauro

The background

At the end of the Trojan War, the King of Mycenaeans, Agamemnon, returned to Argos after ten years of war, fell into an ambush orchestrated by his wife Clytemnestra together with her lover, Egisto, who would usurp the throne. The young Oreste, son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, was [...]

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