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Stracette are a typical Easter sweet, a shortbread cookie that contains orange peel and chopped almonds. Their shape, as well as their consistency, can vary from soft to crunchy based on the ratio between liquid and solid ingredients. They are perfect to eat during breakfast with milk.

Die Stracette

Profane sweets and devotional food

Every moment of Calabrian life needs it characteristic sweets, and every religious festival has its food of devotion, in a traditional game of balance between the sacred and the profane. Many of the recipes are still prepared today following ancient rituals that are handed down from generation to generation. The same main ingredients, such as honey, must, figs, almonds, sesame, and dried fruit are simple and natural, deeply linked to the region and to the passing of the seasons.


There is also a second version that is different from the original, the Stracette di Scilla crunchy biscuits, without egg, which features many spices and are made with almond flour.

An alternative use

Stracette lovers think that they are also perfectly consumed at the end of a meal to soften the palate, while sipping good liqueur at the same time.



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