Stomatico, the panacea biscuit

Good for its taste, good for the stomach


“Stomachico” is the slang term used to identify food that is “good for the stomach”, perfect for ending a meal. The Reggio stomatico, a dry biscuit of amber colour that smells divine thanks to the caramel and spices used in its preparation, reflects its Greek origin in its name, as well as its recognized digestive properties.

A contemporary recipe

The stomatico recipe, although rooted in the local peasant tradition, meets many contemporary health needs. The absence of eggs and lactose in its recipe make it a highly digestible food that is free of fat and is suitable for people who suffer from food intolerances. In Reggio, it is widely available in bakeries throughout the year, but the simplicity of its recipe makes it easy to prepare at home as well.


With the same mixture of the stomatico, you can prepare piparelli reggini, another type of biscuits with a similar shape to that of the “cantuccini” but made with thin and crunchy flakes.

A perfect wedding

The best way to taste the stomatico biscuit is at the end of a meal accompanied by liqueurs or sweet liqueur wines. Alternatively, for those who have a sweet tooth, it can also be a part of a healthy breakfast soaked in almond milk to balance the biscuit’s dry and porous nature.



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