CONI athletics field school

A forge of great athletes


The CONI Athletics Field School of Reggio Calabria, built in the 1970s in the Modena district, has represented a great sports training centre from which many athletes of national and European fame have graduated from over the years. It is a true temple for athletics.


The requalification of the building

As a simple recreational park, which it has been in recent years, the CONI athletics field in Reggio Calabria is once again becoming a verified sports centre in which various activities and events can be organised. Recently, a project was also approved for the total redevelopment of the area, including sports meeting and youth competitions.


Calabria is one of the Italian regions with the largest number of approved sports facility projects, demonstrating its willingness to invest in sports.

A place for everyone

The athletics field is one of the few places in the area that allows citizens and not only athletes, from pensioners to housewives, professionals to people suffering from specific illnesses, to carry out physical activity, and, consequently, enjoy verifiable moments social aggregation, another fundamental purpose of sport. It is also a point of reference for schools and athletic teams that carry out training competitions here.

Campo Scuola di Atletica CONI

Via Modena S. Sperato 4, 89132
Reggio Calabria


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