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The soul of Reggio in all its forms

Reggio Calabria is a city rich in history. Its foundation dates back to 734 BC by the Greek Chalcidian. Since then, the city has always been resurrected on the same site, even after the disastrous earthquake of 1908 that utterly destroyed it. However, it was following this event that the vestiges of classical Reggio and of its rich history emerged. From there, the foundation of the Magna Grecia Museum soon after contributed to the culture and beauty of the Reggio area. Today, Reggio is a cultural city and not only thanks to its museum, but also the Pinacoteca Civica ("Civic Art Gallery"), the Castello Argonese (“Argonese Castle”), the Teatro Comunale (“Community Theatre”) and the Museo del Bergamotto (“Bergamot Museum”).



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Roman Baths

Located at the end of the Falcomatà waterfront and discovered during the reconstruction works following the 1908 earthquake, the Roman Baths are one of the most famous city monuments of Reggio Calabria.

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Scilla, an endless encounter between myth and beauty

For anyone coming to the province of Reggio Calabria, there is an essential place to visit. In the heart of Scilla reserved for tourists, there is a story of a place that enchants both the heart and the soul, through the evocative force of the landscape, warmth of the locals, and the ancient charm o [...]

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The archaeological area of the Naniglio

The archaeological area of Naniglio

Built in the late first century BC, the Villa of the “Naniglio” reached its maximum splendour in the third century A.D. The main attraction of the villa is a huge, well preserved water reservoir, comprised of a central nave and two lateral aisles.

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The Archeoderi Archaeological Park

The Archaeological Park of Archeoderi

The Archeoderi Archaeological Park in Bova Marina, 40 km away from Reggio Calabria, is one of the sites of greatest historical interest in the region. Its discovery, in the 1980s, provided new insight on the Jewish presence in Calabria through the centuries.

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Archaelological Park of Locri Epizefiri

The Archaeological Park of Locri Epizefiri

The Archaeological Park of Locri Epizefiri is situated along the Ioanian coast, just a few kilometres south of where Locri is currently located. Its artefacts can be attributed to the Bronze and Iron Ages. The remains of the Greek city, including its walls, sanctuaries, theatre, private buildings, a [...]

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Antiquarium Leucopetra

Antiquarium Leucopetra, traces of a distant past

The Antiquarium Leucopetra, located inside the renovated Guardia di Finanza building in Lazzaro, houses all the archaeological artefacts found in the area of the Municipality of Motta San Giovanni.

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