One never sleeps on the Reggio Calabria waterfront

The sea, the Strait, sunrise, and sunset


Reggio’s waterfront, especially in the summer, is not only an essential stop on a tour, but also a true journey of experiences that can be had both day and night.

The reception services overlook the sea. With the early light of day, they offer swimming services, and by sunset they turn into a meeting place for rich aperitifs, and when darkness falls excellent restaurants offer fish, meat, or pizza, finally turning into clubs where you can dance and have fun until late at night. The offers are quite immense and is suitable for everyone, young and old.

It really is true that the fun never stops on the Reggio Calabria waterfront.

A glass at sunset

The magic of a glass of wine at sunset

Enjoying a beautiful sunset is always a wonderful experience but admiring the sun as it sets and reverberates in the Strait of Messina waters before disappearing behind Sicily is a truly magical sight that is unique in all the world. To complement this experience further, there is nothing better than tasting a glass of good white or red wine accompanied by some typical snacks from the area.

That’s Reggio. That’s amore.



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