The magic of the Chianalea village and not to be missed street food


The discovery of the suggestive sea lanes hides an unforgettable gastronomic experience: the swordfish sandwich

Summer evenings take on a magical and unforgettable charm and atmosphere if you choose to spend them along the narrow streets almost fully immersed in the Tyrrhenian Sea of Chianalea, the ancient seaside village of Scilla. An authentic pearl of the Costa Viola, not to mention one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Chianalea preserves intact the timeless splendour typical of those places that wear all the signs of the century, but, at the same time, still have much to tell.

Panino allo Spada

Irresistible temptation

Among the stories that most interest the many tourists and visitors that every year crowd the narrow streets of the village, one has specifically established itself as the most fashionable and sublime parenthesis of the palate’s exaltation: the swordfish sandwich. It is impossible to visit Chianalea, both at midday and evening, and not fall prey to this irresistible temptation, which has become a real gem of the local gastronomic tradition. A simple, Mediterranean dish able to release the flavours and odours typical of the place your are in.


Chianalea, where taste meets beauty

The sandwich, offered in different types of baguettes, sfilatino or ciabetta bread, can be found almost everywhere, starting from the seafront where the beach catering facilities are never lacking on their menus this delicacy. The place, however, where the flavours meet the suggestiveness of the place and are to be savoured is undoubtedly Chianalea. Here, the offer is even wider and more varied, passing from restaurants, small and characteristic pubs, to more traditional street food.


Innovation and tradition

This speciality strongly references the timeless and very ancient practice (documented in great detail by the historian Polibio as early as 2nd century BC) of the swordfish fishing that starts in the spring season, crowding the waters of the southern Tyrrhenian sea with massive swords. The freshness of the raw material is in fact the unmistakable quality of the brand that makes this gastronomic experience, nowadays, one of the main attractions of this small Scilla village.





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