Dedicate yourself to scuba diving

Discovering the sea in Calabria


Diving, also called scuba diving, is an activity that involves the complete immersion of the body (as opposed to swimming or snorkelling) to explore the surrounding underwater environment, freediving, or more easily with the appropriate equipment.


Costa Viola and its diving centre

Costa Viola, a splendid stretch of coast that stretches for 35 km in front of the Strait of Messina, offers some professional diving structures and centres with a team of experienced divers who allow you to explore the seabed of the area, among the most renowned in the Mediterranean, with the presence of vast colonies of sea fans, black coral, and red coral.


In Calabria it is possible to enjoy two seas and 800 km of coast: it is therefore a perfect destination for diving.

Diving in Scilla and Palmi

Walls, shoals, caves, monoliths covered with dense sea fans, wrecks of boats, transatlantic liners, and submarines: this is what can be seen plunging into the stretch of coast that moves south from the port of Tonnara di Palmi towards Scilla. Here, too, some diving centres allow the exploration of the seabed together with experienced divers and instructors.

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