Where the wind kisses the sea

The right place for sailing and water sports


The Reggio Calabria area is exposed to strong winds, making it the ideal place to practice sports such as sailing and kitesurfing: for over thirty years, this region has become a favourite of water sport enthusiasts.

Kytesurf Punta Pellaro

The Reggio Sailing Club

In Reggio Calabria during the 1980s the Reggio Sailing Club was born, thanks to a group of competitive sailing enthusiasts, who wanted to give life to a sport of this discipline in the heart of the city of Reggio.

The Club, located in one of the most suggestive corners of Via Marina, organizes sailing courses open to the public for both children (7 to 13 years old) and adults; in the summer, children are also involved in summer sailing initiation camps, which are held by federal instructors in the Aeolian Islands. During the course, children can learn about boat equipment, the knots, and other theoretical information, immediately putting into practice what they have learned in a playful and fun context.

An International race

The club took off immediately, serving as the scene for great sailing events. Site of the first edition AICO Team Cup in 1983, since 1984 it has continuously organized the Mediterranean Cup, an international race for the Optimist class.

The Mediterranean Cup is considered for all intents and purposes a sporting heritage of the city, its extraordinary sea, and all the participants: every year members can enjoy in a way that is simple and direct all the ingredients that make it unique, such as the sea, the wind, currents, hospitality, and all the beauties of nature.


The optimal sea and wind conditions make the area of Reggio Calabria make it one of the best in which to practice sports such as kitesurfing: Punta Pellaro is one of the most popular stops for kitesurfers, also due to its breath-taking view of Sicily and Etna on one side, and the Aspromonte mountains on the other.

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