Punta Pellaro: between wind and sea

Kitesurfing, windsurfing, and friends of the wind


The unique combination of winds, geographical position, and sea conditions has made Punta Pellaro one of the most popular stops for Kitesurfers for over thirty years. It features 300 days of optimal conditions for wind sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Punta Pellaro

The perfect theatre

Wind and sea conditions are not the only ingredients at play in Punta Pellaro. The recipe includes a perpetually crystalline sea, the breath-taking view of nearby Sicily with Etna in the foreground, and the mountains of Calabria in front. The town thus has become the perfect theatre, an unforgettable place. If you admire it while riding the waves, then everyday can be a “big Wednesday”.


There are many champions who have chosen Punta Pellaro as a destination for training, such as, for example, the Freestyle World Champion Strapless, and the Cape Verdean Luis Brito.

For wind professionals and beginners

The wide beach, the absence of rocks, and constant wind make Punta Pellaro the ideal place not only for kitesurfing professionals, but also beginners who have just started, as well as intermediates. A hotel, bathing facilities, shops, and other accommodation facilities provide an offer complete with relaxation and sport.

Punta Pellaro

Punta Pellaro, 89134
Reggio Calabria


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