Mountain and metropolitan trekking

Immerse yourself in nature


A holiday in Reggio Calabria is not only synonymous with the sea, but also with wonderful walks in nature’s midst. There are numerous non-profit associations and national organizations, such as CAI (Italian Alpine Club), which organizes excursions through the region of Reggio.

Discovering ancient places

Trekking enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice: there are many hiking trails to explore. You can start, for example, by visiting the Amendolea valley, an area of wild nature, full of entrenched forts and the suggestive ruins of Byzantine churches, which are the remains of the ancient Orthodox cult in Calabria after the fall of Constantinople.

On the splendid Costa Viola, on the other hand, a 7 km itinerary winds its way over the sea, from Palmi to the view from Sant’Elia, or from Palmi to Bagnara.

Speaking of hiking, you cannot skip the Aspromonte. A walk on the Zomaro plateau can be a pleasant way to learn about the area’s flora and fauna, with plants such as beeches, holm oaks, firs, and broom, and animals such as squirrels, badgers, foxes, and wild cats.


The “Trekking della Biodiversità” has just been founded, which will give life to educational visits, experiences in nature, and opportunities for environmental education in the Community of Biodiversity, a project that combines agricultural activities with educational and environmental efforts.

Between magic and monoliths

The valley of the Armenians is a territory rich in history and charm. The Pro Loco of Brancaleone organizes trekking to discover the beauty of this area, such as the Grotta dell’Albero della Vita di Brancaleone (the “Cave of the tree of life of Brancaleone”), l’Abbazia di Santa Maria di Tridetti a Staiti (the “Abbey of Santa Maria of Tridetti in Staiti”), the Palmenti and the Grotte di Ferruzzano (the “Caves of Ferruzzano”), and Rocca Armenia (the “ancient Bruzzano”), which are all rich in evidence of an ancient past.

Another interesting excursion allows for the discovery of Valle delle Grandi Pietre, one of the most fascinating areas in all of Aspromonte, named after the imposing monoliths: Pietra Cappa (the largest monolith in Europe), Pietra Lunga, Pietra Castello and the Pietre di Febo. This area is one of the most evocative areas in Reggio, which has remained almost untouched, displaying the remains of an ancient Byzantine settlement and traces of remains from Magna Graecia.


Participate in an excursion

Some non-profit associations organize excursions in the area, providing the opportunity to discover its beauty:

- Cai Reggio Calabria
- Aspromonte Wild
- Cooperativa Naturaliter
- Misafumera Trekking
- Boschetto Fiorito
- Pro Loco di Careri




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