Aspropark: nature and adrenaline

In the heart of the Reggio mountains


Born in Aspromonte, it is the first adventure park entirely dedicated to the mountains. A place immersed in nature and is truly designed for everyone: adults, children, and families. About half an hour’s drive from the centre of Reggio Calabria, located in Forge, and just 5 minutes from Gambarie d’Aspromonte (along the provincial road Reggio Calabria Ortì-Gambarie), the park offers a large children’s play area with parking, refreshment points, picnic areas with barbeques, and mountain bike rental points.

Good fun and tons of adrenaline are the ingredients that make Aspropark an unmissable destination for mountain lovers and for those who simply want to enjoy a beautiful day in direct contact with the green and pristine air of the Aspromonte mountain peaks.


Fun for everyone

Welcomed by the smile and hospitality of the staff that manages the area, the park has been designed to meet every need. There are also educational activities available thanks to the program planned within the Aspromonte educational farm, “La carrozza di Pippo,” which allows for a suggestive itinerary on a wagonette-type carriage pulled by a TPR horse. Great attention is paid, moreover, to people with visual impairments, for whom two odorous nature paths have been prepared.

The thrill of climbing

The strong point of Aspropark are undoubtedly the five air routes (three for children and two for adults and children) that are equipped with games of skill and balance. It is an experience not to be missed, both for the more experienced and for those who for the first time intend to try their hand at climbing. After a brief training course carried out alongside specialised technicians, it is already possible to venture, equipped with the appropriate safety equipment, along the Aspropark routes, which are modulated according to increasing level of skill.

For the more adventerous, there are two additional attractions: the Tree Climbing Wall, and the 90-metre Tyrolean flight. The first is an exciting 10-metre climb on a tree, ideal for those want to test their skills as a climber. The second, on the other hand, probably represents the most adrenaline-filled moment of Aspropark: at the end of the short climb, dizziness and fear of heights are put aside in a journey through a void that seems to never end.

Visiting Aspropark is one of the best ways to appreciate and experience the great environmental heritage of the Aspromonte National Park in an authentic way. An innovative play park enhances nature and offers everyone an unforgettable experience.


Opening Time


Sunday 10.00am-18.00pm



From the 20th of July, Everyday








From Monday to Saturday

On reservation of minimum 15 partecipants




Tel.(+39) 342 8065010



Area Campo Forge, 89126
Contrada Forge-Bosurgi (RC)


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