Sport fishing in the Reggio area

What it is and where it is practiced


Sport fishing, quite different from professional fishing, is practiced both from the coast and from the boat (both in fresh and salt water) with competitive intentions, following specific regulations and with the subsequent results of the race’s participants.

Sport fishing

Lakes, rivers, sea, and artificial ponds

The Calabrian region has within it many bodies or water that can be used for the practice of sport fishing. There are also small, private artificial lakes, managed by the associations, in which people can devote themselves to fishing in a relaxing setting that is also dedicated to children: among the most popular destinations is the Rumia Lake of Gambarie, in Aspromonte, surrounded by vegetation, that is to say the least, not very rich and luxurious. The lake is equipped for sport fishing and you can find rainbow and brown trout, common carp, and mirror carp.


Enthusiasts can find the ideal conditions for sport fishing on the coasts of Reggio.

Simple rules for coexistence.

Prohibitions regarding sport fishing at sea are very clear: you cannot fish less than 500 metres from busy beaches and less than 1 km from the ports. Professional fishing gear and tools cannot be used, nor can the fish be commercialised. A maximum of 5 kg of fish can be caught per day, including a maximum of one grouper and about 50 sea urchins (whose capture is prohibited in May and June).




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