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The flavours of Reggio Calabria

This region, which is divided between the sea and the mountains, has produced an interesting combination of flavours and colours; only grain products are lacking in abundance due to the shortage of the flat plains that are necessary to ensure sustainable cultivation. The only plains are that of Gioia Tauro, where citrus fruit and olive trees are traditionally planted. In recounting the food and wine tradition of this corner of Calabria, it is impossible not to mention olive oil, together with table olives produced by the Saracen olive trees from Locri. The meats are of equal importance: goat, wild boar, and above all, prized pork, which gives rise to the delicious capocollo of Ferruzzano and Pietrapennata, aged in catoji, in cellars made of rock.

Then there is the sea, which in addition to the traditional catches made of anchovies, garfish, saury fish, sardines, surici fish, scabbard fish, and swordfish that mainly come from the Bagnara and Scilla areas, there is also “stocco” (typically known as stockfish).

Finally, the typical sweets: from artisanal gelato (ice cream), to mostaccioli, susumelle, and stomatico, a true triumph of sugar for the palate.



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Typical products
Typical dishes to taste
The artisan ice cream of Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria, the capital of artisan ice cream

The artisan ice cream in Reggio Calabria is nothing short of an art. The numerous ice cream shops around the city, specifically in the historic centre and on the waterfront, many of which have been awarded national prizes (the first prize for artisan ice cream in 2018 went to Reggio), offer an excep [...]

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The magic of the Chianalea village and not to be missed street food

The discovery of the suggestive sea lanes hides an unforgettable gastronomic experience: the swordfish sandwich

Summer evenings take on a magical and unforgettable charm and atmosphere if you choose to spend them along the narrow streets almost fully immersed in the Tyrrhenian Sea of Chianalea, t [...]

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Annona cherimola also known as Cirimonia

A tropical mirage on the Strait

The Annona is a fruit plant native to the Andean highlands of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia, and is almost unknown in Europe. Interestingly, however, this fruit, with its exquisite taste, has been consumed on Calabrian tables for over 200 years.

The region’s mild and favourable climate has [...]

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Honey, a nationally recognized excellence

Calabria has a long history in the world of beekeeping, without a doubt due to the uncontaminated environment in which bees can find varied and rich vegetation. Not surprisingly, the Italian record for honey production is entirely Calabrian.

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Olive oil

Olive oil, Reggio Calabria’s precious yellow gold

The olive tree, a typical Mediterranean plant, has a documented presence in Calabria since the 8th-7th century BC, when the Greeks imported it from Asia Minor. However, the ancient Romans spread the oil crops in a capillary and perpetual manner. Thanks to this incredible and millenary experience, th [...]

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Movida reggina - A glass at sunset

One never sleeps on the Reggio Calabria waterfront

Reggio’s waterfront, especially in the summer, is not only an essential stop on a tour, but also a true journey of experiences that can be had both day and night.

The reception services overlook the sea. With the early light of day, they offer swimming services, and by sunset they turn into a mee [...]

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