Calabrian wines

A tradition that continues from the times of the ancient Greeks

This land, once called Enotria, which in Greek means “land of wine”, is still today a place used to produce various DOC, Docg, and IGT wines, mainly red, with a rich flavour and archaic references. The Reggio area, harsh and strong, provides the palate with a blend obtained from ancient vines and international grapes, but not only: the Greco di Bianco is entirely Calabrian, among the oldest wines in Italy, certainly the one of which we have the oldest historical testimony about. Palizzi, on the other hand, is an intense and fragrant IGT red wine that expresses the strong and decisive character of the land from which it is born. Another strong product is the Bivongi: a DOC wine with vines also of ancient origin that goes well with the strong and decisive flavours of typical regional dishes. The Pellaro, another elegant IGT red, comes from the sunny vineyards south of Reggio Calabria and recognises all the history of the local tradition. The last memorable wine from the province is undoubtedly the Mantonico, which is of Hellenic derivation, linked to that immense cultural vein of divinations that for thousands of years has characterised Southern Italy as a whole. Whether accompanied by salami or cheese, or tasted as a meditation, Calabrian wines maintain a privileged position among its typical products.