Mantonico, the wine of the prophets

A white wine recently rediscovered


Mantonico represents a small patrimony in the territory of the Calabrian Ionian coast that only in recent years has been rediscovered by producers and consumers. Its grapes are grown mainly in the province of Reggio Calabria in a hilly area, with soil rich in white clay.

Cultural wealth from the times of the Greeks to our own

Not only the Greco di Bianco wine: Mantonico also brings with its stories of Calabria and its enological and cultural richness. The same etymology of the name reminds us of Greece, deriving from “mantiseos”, which means prophet. It was drunk by priests for ceremonial and propitiatory purposes already in ancient times; more recently, on the other hand, it has been rediscovered as a meditation wine, by drying the grapes on racks to make the product sweet and intense, rendering it a dessert wine.


of the 7th century BC by the Greek colonists who landed in lower Locride.

A fresher Mantonico wine

In addition to passito wine, as mentioned, which is produced by allowing the grapes to dry on racks, Mantonico also features a dry, vinified version that is capable of providing a firm structure and a good makeup with citrus notes and yellow fruit while maintaining a sour vein that gives the wine its fresh taste and easy drinkability. It is perfect when paired with raw fish or simple first course dishes.



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