Greco di Bianco: the passito wine of the gods

A fine wine with a fresh taste


IThe Greco di Bianco wine was recognised as a DOC wine (Denomination of Controlled Origin) only in 1980. Although it is produced in limited quantities due to the limited production area, chosen and maintained due to the characteristics of the soil and the microclimate, this passito wine is certainly the most excellent wine produced in Calabria.

From Greece to Magna Graecia

The Greco di Bianco wine seems to be the oldest wine in Italy, together with the Moscato di Siracusa. The grapes from which this precious passito is made has mysterious and remote origins: legend has it that the original vine arrived in Calabria in Bianco, in the province of Reggio Calabria, in the 7th century BC, when the Greeks landed at the promontory Zefirio. It was a Greek colonist who transplanted a vine shoot here to remind himself of his native land; he did not yet know that he would give birth to the famous wine of the gods.


The Greco di Bianco grape variety does not actually belong to the Greco family, but that of Malvasia due to its organoleptic proximity and the mapping of the vines.

A fine, high-quality and harmonious wine

Obtained from dried grapes, the resulting nectar has a yellow amber colour and a very delicate zagara aroma. The taste is velvety, soft, and elegant; drunk fresh, it goes well with pastries, structured desserts, and almond paste, in addition to strong or spicy cheeses. It has an excellent balance between sweet and fresh notes, and, without a doubt, it leaves a clean and satisfied palate at the end of the meal.



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