Palizzi, a wine with intense flavour

An excellent IGT wine from Reggio Calabria


Calabria brings eternal aromas and flavours: the southern flavour is concentrated in Palizzi, capable of expressing all the strong and decisive characters of the land in which the grapes come from. The delicious wine from the Grecanic area has made the town of Palizzi famous with the name “Palizzi, city of wine”, a happy banner that welcomes tourists as soon as they arrive in the town.

A production that is, to say the least, controlled

To earn the name of IGT, or Typical Geographical Indication, a wine must meet very narrow specifications, starting from the grapes: at least 85% of the grapes from which it is born from must come from the specific area indicated. In order to enjoy an excellent Palizzi, only a few grapes are used, a sign that only the best ones have been used for wine making: a fact that everyone can only be happy about. The confirmation of quality comes from every taste of the wine, which boasts bright and luminous colours.


Some history buffs say that even up until the 1800s, some French boats arrived in the area to buy Palizzi wine that was then blended with wine from beyond the Alps.

The IGT wine production area

A wine with the IGT denomination since 1995, the production area of grapes that produce Palizzi musts and wines is specific and includes the entire territories of Bova, Bova Marina, Condofuri, Palizzi, Brancaleone, and Staiti, all in the province of Reggio Calabria. What you get is one of the most renowned red wines of Calarian viticulture, with a high alcohol content, ale to satisfy the palates of admirers and experts.



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