Pellaro, the full-bodied Calabrian red wine

The velvety elegance turned into wine


Pellaro is a rather sought after IGT red wine that takes its name from a neighbourhood south of Reggio Calabria that features extensive sunny vineyards. It is obtained from three different varieties of native grapes: Calabrian, Alicante, and Castiglione, featuring a sustained alcohol content.

All the strength of Calabria in a glass

Calabria’s energy is concentrated both in wine and the territory of Pellaro: the strength of the wind, the heat of the inhabitants, and heat of the inhabitants, the flavour of the sea, and the vigour of the sun. This wine has been known since ancient times: even the scholar Flavio Magno Aurelio Cassiodoro spoke of its intense taste which, in some of his manuscripts, extolled the healing and healthy virtues of the drink.


Pellaro wine can be produced, maintaining the IGT denomination, in the territories circumscribed in the Calabrian municipalities of Motta San Giovanni, Bocale, Macellari, Lume di Pellaro, Occhio di Pellaro, Pellaro, Paterriti, Oliveto, San Filippo and Valanidi.

Pellaro, an artist’s wine

This red, with its intimately southern character, has an intense colour that fades into purple. In the mouth, it has a mineral, full-bodies, and velvety taste, with a long and warm persistence. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most renowned red wines of Calabrian viticulture that can preserve in all its notes the memories and traditions of its producers.



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