Bivongi, the elixir for a long life

An excellent DOC red wine


Bivongi is a DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin) wine and is produced in a hilly area near the Calabrian Ionian coast between Reggio Calabria and Catanzaro. It is a special wine born from a specific blend of native grapes, produced by a few expert hands.

The secret is in its tradition

The quality of Bivongi lies in respecting the tradition, in the right climate, of the quality of selected grapes. Although the production area is rather limited and consequently also the number of producers, this wine, with its ruby colour, and fresh taste, has proven to be an increasingly interesting and successful product in the Italian wine scene in recent years.


Bivongi should be served at a temperature of 16/18 °C and goes perfectly with first courses, second courses of game, or cold cuts and Calabrian cheeses.

The vine and its characteristics

Bivongi is produced from a blend of red berry grapes that have been part of the Ionian Calabrian tradition for centuries. The main grape variety is the gaglioppo, which is certainly of Greek origin, with abundant and safe production. Another variety is the nocera grape, which is also very old, having been introduced in Southern Italy during the first Greek colonies. Some producers also add Nero d’Avola grapes to further enrich the wine and make it even more full-bodied.



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